Future of Marvel Heroes: The Private Server

Now that Marvel Heroes has gone dark thanks to some very odd business, the details of which we’ll never fully learn of. A few years ago this announcement would have marked the absolute end of a game. The life cycle would have been complete without corporate money and important business people making decisions.

Times have changed because once that money and those business types abandon a title the games community takes over. It starts with devout players chatting about what they’ll miss on Reddit, Twitter and forums. Next, the ideas of a private server will come up and undoubtly a few programmers will take up the challenge to reverse engineer one. Lastly, you’ll have a full blown server pop up on the internet and a torrent available to download the client. This is the new world order in regards to gaming. Our favorite MMO’s never die now.

The internet is evolving into a digital museum of what could have beens. With the loss of MxM and Marvel Heroes undoubtly getting private servers eventually you can add those to the “living fossils” of the MMO industry. The community as a whole believes our MMO’s need to evolve and grow for them to stay relevant, but if we use World of Warcraft, Runescape and Everquest as examples we know this isn’t true. These servers only came about because of the private server scene.

I’m not going to preach the legality of these servers, because that’s for people with years of lost Friday nights looking at big complex words. It must be mentioned though because it is something these communities experience. The endless cycle of cease & desist orders to one private server, just to have another one pop up with the same code and same database. Thanks to servers like the World of Warcraft private server Nostalrius we all know this story. With a devout community these games will never really die despite how many big companies want them to.

In regards to Marvel Heroes I want to say something to Marvel and Gazillion. First, I want to thank Gazillion for everything they did over the years. They made a magnificent game and did the IP right for most part. Like most games not every idea, but in the end you can be proud of what was accomplished. To Marvel, you’ll undoubtly file your C&D’s as soon as these servers pop up. You’ll only be alienating the games and the IP’s most loyal fans. You will never fine a more loyal fanbase than those willing to dedicate their free time to maintaining the integrity of Marvel Heroes. Sure there will be some bad ones, but endorse the good ones. Let the game live on as long as the community wants it to live on.