World of Warcraft: Classic


In late 2016 I was absolutely tired of the current gaming landscape and looked for something new.  What ended up happening was beyond my expectations and became one of the most fun experiences I’d ever been a part of.  I met people from all over the world, enjoying a game as a guild and developing into something I thought would become a multi-game community.  That vision was never realized and most members had scattered to the wind with most never to be heard.  What started as a group of individuals wanting to enjoy an old school version of World of Warcraft, because a group of friends and teammates, but ended as unexpectedly as it started.  Nostalrius Begins brought us together and ultimately divided us in it’s closure.

A year has passed and the movement of “Vanilla” World of Warcraft servers has marched on.  There has been plenty of support for the creation of new Vanilla servers, most of which was in support of Blizzard bringing back this beloved version in an official capacity.  What I’ve come to realize was what my guildmates and friends did on Nostalrius Begins wasn’t in vain as Blizzard announced World of Warcraft: Classic at Blizzcon 2017.  What we did for fun on a private server turned into a movement and ultimately the promise that Blizzard has made to it’s community.  This was the first time I was part of a movement that resulted in an outcome we actually fought for.

It’s hard for me not to get excited over this announcement.  I see a light at the end of the tunnel despite not knowing any of the details of WoW:Classic such as when we’ll see a product or how close to the original it’ll be.  I’ll remain positive despite how little has been revealed about the project, because I have to believe that Blizzard will follow through on their promise.  I also have to believe that J. Allen Brack now realizes how important this version of the game is to so many people and will put his best effort into recreating this game.  I have faith, we all have to especially now that the movement has gotten this close to our objective.

With this announcement I’ve started to reminisce about my time with all those great people in 2016.  I can only hope I’ll be able to rekindle my friendship with those lost in the server closures and over time.  I can’t be sure any of them will ever see this post, but hopefully those that do will get in touch with me to let me know their thoughts about the announcement.  The prospect of rebuilding the guild interests me and if I were to receive that same interest in return from my old guildies then maybe WoW:Classic can reunite the members of Peace Keepers.